Monday, January 6, 2014

Bug, Boys, 2013 & 2014

It's been almost 2 years since I've last blogged. My life has been a bit busy and chaotic and I haven't exactly even begun to think where to start writing again.
Bug- I have the sweetest, most content little daughter now. I call her Bug and she is mine. She has my lips, legs, hair, forehead, and I personality...but that is all her own.  I admire how calm, content and peaceful this child is. Especially considering we named her Ember, which means a tiny little spark left from a fire(me). But, she's far from that at all. So serene. If it weren't for her looks, I wouldn't believe she were mine either. I hope I can learn from her, how to be more content with me. I'm breastfeeding again, makes for amazing boobs (; I love this little critter so much. She's 2 weeks old now and my whole routine has changed entirely. No more early morning coffee runs or midnight trips for sweets. I've got all I need here and my world seems to evolve solely around her at the moment. I'm quite OK with that for now. I love her. I can't get enough.
Boys- Mine are still awesome. They each have very distinct personalities. Max is still a little firecracker, just like me. I'm a sucker for his eyes. All he has to do is look at me and I practically melt every time. This is not good for a parent and is teaching him, that he can get what ever he desires just by working someone. That scares me for his later years. Jack is the sweetest, still. All though, getting in trouble for not listening to his teacher a bit this year. I still think he's mildly autistic and it breaks my heart when other kids pick on or laugh at his twitching. I wish I could follow him to school each day, with a baseball bat, just to teach those kids a lesson...but, I am still too cute for jail. His heart is so big and open that I worry for him. Then there's Jake, my level headed, argumentative, too mature and rational for his own good tween. He's 12 now, taller than me, smells funny sometimes and is already shaving. He also has his first girlfriend. I'm OK with that too. See, Jake is trustworthy and polite and chivalrous, he's like my little rock. He's full of stability, knows what he wants and has he biggest heart. He, too, is in love with my little bug. Jake is the kid I wish I was when I had the chance.
2013- CRAZY! I met Adam. Again. We knew each other in school but both got married and started families soon after. Oddly enough I was online one night, sleep deprived from my job at the law firm, and he popped up. From what I remembered he was always the go to guy so I gave it a shot. He friend requested me so I started chatting him about how I couldn't sleep. What do you know, he showed up an hour later with some herbal assistance and I slept like I hadn't in months that night. One thing drove me crazy though. He didn't seem interested in me, at all. And here he was, at my place, in the middle of the night, all grown up, sexy, smelled amazing and was just what I wanted. But, he didn't seem to want me back. I just didn't understand. I had to step up my game a bit, so a few more casual hang outs and a sushi date later and he was mine...or so I thought. More like I was his. He's had me ever since. There isn't a damn thing I can do about it either. Now, don't get me wrong, we've had more than our fair share of drama and speed bumps but we've plowed through it all, together and as cheesy as it sounds, have grown stronger and more in love with each hurdle. It's us against the world now. Never even saw it coming. He gave me my bug. My little dream girl. He gives me everything and for that I will always be forever in his debt. I can't do enough for him. We have a lovely little condo together and are slowly building a life together as (as he calls it) a team. I like this team.
2014- I'm just hopeful that everything continues to get better, not sure how it could at this point, but I just hope it does. I love my life. I love my Bug. I love my boys. I love my Adam. I'm in LOVE.