Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Software Developer's Wife

Most people won't tell you this but software developers are jerks. Yep, I said it. I love my hubby but yes, he can be a jerk. They aren't this way intentionally and if you can comprehend that they won't change, being married to one is great. More difficult than putting support hose on an elephant but great.

Why? Their brains are actually wired differently.
How? They try to solve every problem and tend to take it personally when they can't. Even when there's no problem to solve, they will kill themselves trying to solve one anyway.

I spend most days waking up, tending to my children, then sometimes I get a cup of coffee after that. What does he do? Check his phone, shower, check his phone, then drive to work while checking his phone? Sometimes I'm certain he's part cyborg.

He comes home, checks his phone, plays with the kids and checks his phone.

I'm not even going to make a list of what I do during the day because I'll just look resentful that he "gets" to sit down for his jobful duties.

So, where does this vileness stem from? They work in sort of a strange field where intelligence and ability are highly prized. Some of these same qualities put us in the way for passive aggresive tantrums because they're constantly trying to prove themselves and evaluate themselves against others. To put it mildly, they're walking around (or sitting at laptops) with sensitive, bloated egos all day. The same type of mentality also tends to foster cynical thinking habits and an outright rejection of any idea that they didn't self originate.

As much as I'd like this to change, it probably won't so, I have to find a way to start living my life in a new reality with a more peaceful and accepting attitude for a happier atmosphere. Just because the situation seems to be pretty bleak, does not mean I have to be a part of the problem...because lord knows, he'd try to solve it. Ha!

The earth is shifting, the computer people are ruling the world without having to run around or strain a muscle. Technology has become the cornerstone of every field on earth. Now the wierdos rule and geeks are the new "hot".....an everlasting hot, as sure as computers run everything. I should train my kids not to make fun of the nerds at school because surely they'll grow up to work for one or better yet, marry one. Geeks are innovative, hard-working, creative and patient. Unless, of course, the computer freezes! Once you get to know them, it's easy to love them. You may not understand them all the time (maybe that's the lack of time they have to spend with you) All I had to do was be able to hold an intelligent conversation, have a sense of humor, and allow myself to act impressed.

Dealing with jerks and negativity is hard, really, really hard. In my life I've dealt with that just plenty. With all that being said, I love my software developer and will be working daily on my patience.